A portrait painter born in Leicester in 1989, she studied at De Montfort university where she achieved a first class honours in her fine art degree and also gaining a masters the year after. Megan paints in a realist style creating the illusion that the sitter is there in person. She not only tries to capture the likeness but also the personality and warmth of the sitters. Studying the colour wheel whilst doing her A-Levels has bettered her understanding of how colours work alongside each other, it has also helped her to gain the skills to mix paint from just the primary colours. Megan works in oils and finds that the long drying time of oils suits her well as she works full time as a porter at the University of Leicester and cannot get into the studio every day, therefore allowing her to still manipulate the applied paint days later. She is currently working on a series of paintings depicting artists in their studios. At the end of 2018 Megan moved to StudioName in Leicester to carry on with her artistic practice. 

© 2019 by Megan McMullan

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